Slack and Salesforce Combine to Provide Collaboration and Customer Leads

by Jean Fischer

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This past couple of weeks I was researching collaboration software for MSD.
I had determined Slack to be one of the best alternatives, and was trying to
locate a contact email address or phone number for training, but the site
didn’t have one. They didn’t have any contact information whatsoever.
I thought that was odd considering they are such a well-known company.
I scanned each webpage for a clue, and finally saw at the top, in small
letters, “A Salesforce Company”.

I emailed the Salesforce training division to find out if they had any training for
Slack. The pleasant training rep said that Salesforce had just acquired Slack,
so there was no information yet on how they were going to use Slack, or if they
were integrating it with Salesforce.

The answer came this week. In case you have not used Salesforce, it is
one of the best sales tools around for locating and contacting prospects.
Slack announce that they were “officially partnering with Salesforce to deliver
several new integrations over the next month (with many more to follow).”

Search for Client Leads in Slack

Using the /salesforce slash command you can search for an opportunity,
customer, contact, or lead in Slack. Your search will return three results,
and when you click one, it will expand to provide you with basic account
details right where you’re working.

Keep Chatter and Slack in Sync

Use either the /chatter slash command or the /slack slash command to
send updates from Slack into Chatter and vice versa.

Connect Slack Channels with Salesforce Records

Assign a Slack channel to a Salesforce customer record and a new
section on that record will display the unread message count for the
connected channel. This way anyone working in Salesforce will be able
to see when an account is being actively discussed in Slack. Finally,
as an added bonus, Salesforce URLs will now “unfurl in Slack” and
include better formatting.

These integrations will be available for your team to use in the next
month. For more information on this topic, here is the site:

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