Staffing & Team Development

Technical Writers are not created equal. What we mean by that is that not every technical writer can meet every need that your project requires. The technical writing discipline is comprised of writers possessing a wide variety of backgrounds, experience, education, and even personal preferences. That is why we want to understand something about your project, schedule, environment and the specific types of documentation you want developed. All of these factors must be considered when selecting the best technical writer available for your project.

It is also important to look at your tech writers professional background to be sure that they have the proper perspective of the task at hand. It can be a subtle matter, but a manager’s view differs from an accountant’s view, that again differs from an engineer’s view. Since technical writing is a process that requires frequent personal interactions, professional histories should play a role in selecting the best technical writer to document your technical system. At MSD, we want our technical writers to enjoy their work, but more importantly is that we want you, our clients, to enjoy having our technical writers working with your team.