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At MSD, we strive to maximize our employee’s sense of accomplishment, because we understand what it takes to be a successful technical writer. We focus on matching the employee’s talent and experience with the needs of our clients. Since we are technical writers, we understand that not every technical writer will enjoy nor excel at every task. The job description is just the start to finding the right opportunity for the right candidate. We strive to ensure your happiness and success, while sharing our experience in the technical documentation field so that you become the best technical writer you can be.

Supporting Multi-Discipline Clients: Our clients offer the opportunity to directly support and be a part of challenging and rewarding work in many fields and areas of technical development. We strive to find the best environment for you so that you can provide your best work for our clients.

Compensation: MSD offers a compensation package that rewards you for your dedication to your job and company. We value your talents and appreciate your success in a highly competitive market.

Success Breeds Success: MSD believes that our success is dependent upon the success of its individual team members. History has shown that you are most successful when you are given an assignment that matches your preferences, aligns with your abilities, and challenges you to the right degree. Technical writers are rarely singular in their abilities, but possess several qualities that MSD understands and nurtures. As your success grows, MSD’s success follows.


Highly Competitive Compensation Package, including:

  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Up to 20 Paid Vacation Days
  • 11 Paid Holidays yearly
  • 6 Paid Sick/Personal Days
  • Principal 401(k) Plan managed by Merrill Lynch
  • Short- and Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • Life Insurance

For Technical Documentation Professionals Only

Welcome to MSD’s Tech Writer Talent Pool submission form. At MSD, we value our associates and appreciate the unique skills and experience that you bring to our company and our clients in and around Columbia, Annapolis Junction and Fort Meade, as well as nationwide. We strive to provide an enjoyable, rewarding opportunities for our applicants. Since MSD is a company founded by Technical Writers, we want to understand your experience, your likes, your dislikes, and what you do best — and MSD will work hard to find positions for you that will be exciting and challenging for you as a technical writer. Simply put, we want your technical writing job (and ours, too) to be something you look forward to each and every day.

If you have a question or comment about MSD, our website or the tech writing business in general… we would love to hear from you on social media, email or by phone. Visit our contact page for details.

– Dave Jordan, President

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