The MSD Process

Listen to the DocuDr explain more about how MSD develops solutions to meet the needs of any technical documentation emergency.

Our Mission Statement:

As a technical writing company and consulting agency, Meta-Systems Documentation, Inc. serves engineering-focused clients by delivering technical documentation that bridges the divide between engineer and customer. MSD resolves the common problem of the non-technical tech writer by employing writers with technical education and experiences. Our writing services start with understandings, endure with collaboration, and end with responsive documentation. MSD’s lead consultant offers possibilities and designs solutions that document systems in a positive light while always striving to unburden our client’s staff. Our focus is to accomplish our client’s technical documentation objectives in a manner that leaves them with an intact budget and their customers with a smile. At MSD, technical documentation development is all that we do. And, because we love our work, we will enjoy working with our client’s technical team as much as they will enjoy working with us.

Why Meta-Systems Documentation?

The definition of a meta-system is a “system about other systems, such as describing, generalizing, modeling, or analyzing the other systems.” At MSD, it is our process to analyze and understand your system that makes us successful documenters. To phrase it another way, our system of developing documentation supplements and supports your system of engineering development. Together, our development of accurate and flattering technical documentation is assured.

MSD’s Commitment to One Service:

When we say that MSD develops technical documentation, that’s all that we do. We don’t muddy the waters by offering you window washers or computer programmers. We are a company of technical and engineering writers that excel at documenting products, systems, processes, and deployments. After 25 years of documenting technical systems, we fully understand that the documentation tasks are never trivial. If your company is serious about developing top-notch documentation, then hire a company that is serious about developing the best product.

Core Capabilities:

MSD ensures success by positioning ourselves squarely between your company’s management and the engineers that possess your technical knowledge. We achieve the best documentation products through constant communications with your engineering team, and by keeping aware of your management’s expectations and customer’s needs. We know that documentation cannot be developed in a bubble, but can only be facilitated through current knowledge, open communication, and ongoing interaction. MSD’s documentation products reflect the best that your company offers by becoming one with your company.

The MSD Process:

MSD is truly committed to understanding your needs. We will start off by asking many questions about your objective, how you want to get there, how much time and money you have to spend, and how we will know when we are done. The more we understand about your needs, the more responsive we can be. We want to see the documents that you have done before to learn what it is you like – and what you don’t like. When it comes time to meet your engineering team, we will be asking even more questions. Since engineering is defined as problem solving, tell us about problem the documentation will solve. Outlining the problem gets us off to a great start. From here, it’s all downhill. Every detail has its place, therefore every document’s outline must have the right places to hold your content. If you like to have meetings, we will be glad to join you and show you where we are. We believe that the process of documentation development is very exciting, but nothing makes our day like a customer that is happy with the work we are doing and tells us that they want us to come back for the next effort.

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