David the DocuDr

Mr. Dave Jordan applies his engineering education and experience to design, plan and implement a client’s technical documentation products. Dave believes that technical documentation is a key part of the engineering process and builds the documentation products in close collaboration with the engineers, testers operators, and management. Dave’s more than twenty-five years as an engineering writer has given him an understanding of how to integrate into and capitalize upon the methods followed by both large and small companies. In every case, the end-game is to create engineering-level documentation that is responsive to needs, compliant with customer’s needs, and consistently exceeding expectations. The value that Dave and his team of writers bring to a client is the ability to deliver a quickly grasp the technology, formulate a plan, and deliver on that plan with minimal burden upon the client’s technical team to keep costs down.

Dave’s success builds upon three corollaries that illustrate his approach to creating successful documentation and extremely satisfied clients:

1) Technical writing is the process of creating structured order from informational chaos
2) Always give a client well-crafted and thoroughly explained options so every decision is the right one
3) Let the client see that we enjoy our work so that they enjoy having us on their team

Additional details on Mr. Jordan’s experience and the partnership and consulting services he offers to clients may be found on his professional resumé.