Dave consistently displayed complete thoroughness and attention to detail in every endeavor.

Dave…produced documentation which was useful, professional, exemplary, timely, and reflected a good understanding of the sponsoring agency and its needs.

Dave is a superb technical writer, but his value on a technical project goes beyond writing.

Dave’s engineering background, progressive ideas, and ability to organize complex concepts results in a higher quality product and more efficient, streamlined documentation process for our customer.

Dave’s Technical Writing expertise and leadership make him an excellent candidate to both stand up and lead a technical writing program.

…Dave helped us to formulate an overall documentation strategy for all products.

…Dave was able to grasp enough of our complex technology to develop great documentation.

…Dave demonstrated an exceptional ability to quickly learn difficult subject matter…

I was impressed by Dave’s ability to take the sometimes complex…thoughts of our client and turn them into high quality and understandable product documentation.

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