Documentation Consulting

Is your company looking to hire an actively cleared engineering technical writing and documentation consulting expert to help document a system under difficult or challenging circumstances? These circumstances can include any one of several situations that are actually more common than many people may realize. When you are looking to hire technical writers and can not find the right ones to hire, then consider MSD as the best choice for technical documentation consultants.

Engineering documentation consulting under challenging situations or with “information possessive” individuals.
We can also help you technical document a system when the only person (or persons) that possess the knowledge simply refuse to work with technical writers or just don’t want to document their creation. We understand the sensitivities and political implications that can exist for your company with such a situation and have learned how to carefully and successfully facilitate the documents you need. We are an actively cleared company, with extensive experience in the Intelligence Community (IC).  We have a proven track record for being accepted and achieving respect and credibility with the technical experts that matter.

PlanningDeveloping a plan of attack for documenting your developing or existing system.
Should your customer tell you that they want to see your documentation plan and you have none; MSD’s tech writers can help you create one. We will take a close look at your passed-down requirements and develop a planned approach for getting your documents designed, written, and delivered. Then, together, we will formulate the best approach for your organization to achieve the goals of completed documentation. The result will be a logical menu of technical documents that make sense to your environment, your budget, your schedule, and your customer.

Documenting systems when time is of the essence.
When the technical documentation tasks are left until the end of the project, it is often because the development overran the schedule. Obviously, the documentation must still be delivered by following shortcuts that don’t compromise the quality of the content. MSD has frequently delivered technical documents under an abbreviated schedule by reducing review cycles, compressing the data gathering phase, or even by increasing the hourly efforts needed to achieve the milestones. MSD has also found that in certain circumstances, reducing the number of staff assigned to a compressed task and refocusing their efforts can drive a task to an earlier delivery. Hiring a technical writer from MSD will allow your company to have the necessary experience and technical background to complete the technical documentation faster and without the need for multiple junior tech writers.