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Opportunity Code: CALST-041216
Position Mid-Level/Senior Technical Writer
Work Location Remote / Home Office
Anticipated Start Date About 2016-06-6
Task Duration 3 – 6 Months
Requirements MSD is seeking a Freelance Technical Writer with the ability to work remotely (from a Home Office) to develop a User’s Manual and a System Administrator’s Manual for an Online application. Interested freelance candidates must be located within reasonable distance to Columbia/Frederick MD, and be able to provide the following: current professional resume, list of professional references, hourly rate, list of hardware and software used to perform remote online projects, and sample document(s) related to a User’s Manual and Sys Admin Manual. Selected candidate will collaborate remotely with MSD’s client and MSD’s lead writer for this project. Candidate will have occasional face-to-face meetings with MSD’s Lead Writer for reviews and final approvals. Opportunity is contingent upon final contract award.
Highest Level of Education Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
Preferred Field of Discipline Open
Preferred Years of Experience 6 – 9+
Employment Position Freelance Only with work performed remotely (at home office), and located within the Columbia-Frederick MD vicinity.

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