Mr. Jordan’s Technical Writing expertise and leadership make him an excellent candidate to both stand up and lead a technical writing program. While he was under subcontract with my company, I worked with Mr. Jordan for over two years and witnessed him turn an existing technical writing program from an editing shop, to an integral part of the Engineering Development lifecycle. His Engineering background, progressive ideas, and ability to organize complex concepts, resulted in a higher-quality product and a more efficient, streamlined documentation process for our customer.

Ms. H.,  BAE Systems


Dave is a superb technical writer, but his value on a technical project goes beyond writing. Dave came into our project where the documentation requirement was not well defined (nor were the documentation templates); he provided a list of recommended documentation that would be appropriate and useful for this type of project. Dave proactively reached out to gather the required technical, business, and project information and understanding (which was not always easy), and produced documentation which was useful, professional, exemplary, timely, and reflected a good understanding of the sponsoring agency and its needs. Dave is also a true team player with a high degree of “EQ” – as well as a keen sense of humor which makes him a pleasure to work with on a day-to-day basis. As a subcontractor, MSD always provided invoices which were punctual and accurate. I have recommended, and will continue to recommend Dave for other complex projects needing a senior technical writer.

Mr. K.,   CACI


I was impressed by Dave’s ability to take the sometimes complex and, more often than not, somewhat less than organized thoughts of our client and turn them into high quality and understandable product documentation.

Mr. F., Government Contractor


I managed Dave who was under contract to PSINet Transaction Solutions. Dave was able to grasp enough of our complex technology to develop great documentation for a product that lacked any user documentation. He also helped us to formulate an overall documentation strategy for all products. He leverages his past experience in writing a wide variety of documentation for many different systems; he understands the need of the reader to gain easy access to key information, which he presents in a helpful logical order.

Mr. S.,  PSINet Transaction Solutions